Canon vs Nikon DSLRs- what is the big deal? simplified



So, here on the internet between all the photography related questions the most frequently asked is “what should I choose? canon or Nikon?”. This is one of the most common debates going on for years and decades as same as Coke vs Pepsi and android vs ios. So, what is is the real difference between Nikon and canon? when I was a beginner it was really messed up to understand the difference so back then I decided to ask some people I know but, loyalty was so strong there that they always suggested and listed me the pros of the brand they are using, it became more messed up; so the next step that I took was what every intelligent person would take, I googled it but again there were so many blogs with so many confusing words that made everything messier. But it’s not that difficult both Nikon and Canon are nice cameras with good quality, along with little difference that I’m gonna list here.



The first difference between Canon and Nikon is in the sensor, both Nikon and canon make strong and powerful sensors which are enough to give a high-quality image. But there’s some slight difference between both of the sensors that Nikon and canon make.

The sensor that Nikon makes, is newer in technology and most of them are such that helps to drop low pass filter without deformity in lines. Low pass filter is something from which light passes through, so the exclusion of the low pass filter provides more details and better pictures in low light.

whereas Canon sensors are more megapixel focused, that is they provide cameras with more megapixels somewhere up to 50Mp that provide smooth images.

As stated above both are different but gives high-quality images. The difference in colour also occurs but that’s a personal choice.

Videos – 

If we discuss traditionally Canon gives Better video quality than Nikon, but it wouldn’t be a right thing if we discuss it only on traditional aspect. Some of the new Nikon cameras are offering brilliant video quality. If we compare equivalent models some Nikon models are giving 60 fps where Canon is giving 30fps. Before Canon was considered to be providing better video quality but new Nikon models are coming up in the race very quickly.



When it comes to high-end cameras the burst speed of Canon cameras is much better than that of Nikon, it provides up to 14 Fps.

But when it comes to beginners, entry-level or budget cameras Nikon is much faster than Nikon. An entry level Nikon can provide 6-7 fps



The Operation of both the cameras are pretty same just indications are different for example shutter priority mode is indicated as Tv on Canon whereas S in Nikon, aperture priority mode is indicated Av in Canon whereas A in Nikon.

If we talk about battery life Nikon can take more shots per charge as compared same range Canon camera


What should you choose?

what should you choose is impossible to say both brands have their pros and cons.Here we can conclude them-

Canon –

  1. good video quality
  2. high megapixel and resolution
  3. good speed in high-end cameras
  4. smooth autofocus


  1. Good low light capturing
  2. Good speed in entry-level cameras
  3. Good battery
  4. Reasonable entry-level cameras



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